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Providential Co.

Candle: Nativity Votive

Candle: Nativity Votive

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New wax and fragrance options!

Enhance your prayer time with this 12 ounce, clean-burning votive. Artwork of the Holy Family fills the front of the label, and each one is handmade in studio!

Fragrance Options (for coconut soy wax only):
Cypress & Bayberry
Holy Mass (a frankincense blend that smells like church incense)
Unscented (beeswax or coconut soy)

Handmade in studio
Original ProvCo artwork
12 ounces, approx. 81 hours of burn time*

*With proper wick trimming and proper candle care. Burn your candle long enough each time to make a melt pool to the edge of the glass for best results. If you see soot coming off the wick, extinguish, trim and re-light.

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