I’m looking for a particular saint or devotion, do you take custom orders?
Thanks for thinking of me to help! Please complete this inquiry form and I'll be in touch very shortly. Please note that I can't make custom candles – the production process doesn't allow for that. I'm happy to create prints though!

When will you have candles again?
Very soon! New votives are in the works. To stay up-to-date on their release and other cool news like sales, etc., please consider joining the ProvCo Dispatch email list (in the footer).

Why soy candles?
Soy wax is a completely clean-burning alternative to paraffin wax commonly found in commercial candles. I use 100% vegetable based wax without additives. Even the wicks in my candles are paper-based, so you’re getting a top-notch, clean product that you can feel good about burning in your space. All Providential Co. candles are made by hand in small batches.

Do you have a storefront in Houston, TX?
Not at this time, but that's a dream for the future. 

Can I pick up my order from you if I live in the area to save on shipping?
I work out of my home studio, so in the interest of protecting privacy and also assuring the safe arrival of your order (I don’t like to leave things outside, in other words), I'll ship them right to your door.

I’m looking for a product that’s on your social feed, but not finding it on your website shop. Where can I get that?
All products that we currently have in stock are available in the online shop. If you don’t see it there, it's likely sold out. 

I’m having an event and hosting vendors, how can I get info to you?
I'm always excited to be invited to events. Please email me, Tricia Dugat, at tricia@providential.co with the deets, and thanks for thinking of Providential Co.!

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