Providential Co. is a little studio in Texas that seeks to share the beauty of the Gospel through thoughtfully designed items.

Hello! I’m Tricia, designer/illustrator, wife, mom and convert to the Catholic faith. I founded Providential Co. in 2016 with the hope of sharing the beauty of Christianity and providing customers like you with items to take along your journey, or to give to the people you care about knowing they were made with thought and care.

You love beauty and you’re part of a unique time in history – you want your life to reflect this beauty – I totally get that! The saints, the big “T” and little “t” traditions, the richness of God’s love story with humanity, are treasures you want to be reminded of daily. And you want the people you love to be reminded as well – reminded that there is a spiritual reality to our everyday existence. My hope is that the things I make help you and yours do just that.

Thank you for stopping by and being part of the movement that affirms that beauty will indeed save the world.

God Bless! + + +