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Providential Co. – a History

Hello again! 

Before we begin with our weekly reflections and meditations, I thought it would be fun to share with you a little of my history, and that of Providential Co. It is always so beautiful to see how God creates our lives, and that any endeavor we begin starts in Him.

I've been a working graphic designer since 2000, trained primarily in print design, but I always loved to illustrate and have been drawing since I was a kid. Even in junior high, I used to make my own magazines and illustrate them. I made comics in elementary school, and used to charge my classmates 25 cents for custom bubble lettering. I didn't take art classes until college, but especially loved to draw portraits as a teen. I think all along God was guiding me and my creative gifts.

I came into the Church as an adult catechumen in 2002, after 18 months in RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). I pursued a degree in theology in 2004, and then spent a long time thinking about/wanting to bring together my love for art and design and my love for my faith. Like many new converts and artists, I worried that I wouldn't be reverent enough, or good enough. Imposter syndrome is so real, but I tried to be faithful to what I desired and felt led to do.

In 2016, I wanted to revamp a beloved prayer item - the votive candle. Lots of research later, including learning how to pour them myself, I made an initial set of four: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Divine Mercy, St. Michael the Archangel, and Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was important that they were clean-burning, hence the soy wax. And so began the Providential Co. journey. 

The first ProvCo OLG candle, photos of coming into the Church at Easter, a holy card a good friend gave me in high school when I was a self-professed atheist, and an OLG medal that was my grandma's.

Two years later, in December 2018, I consecrated myself and Providential Co. to Our Lady of Guadalupe, because I realized how present she had been with me since childhood. My grandmother was never Catholic, but she had a medal of Our Lady of Guadalupe that I inherited. Meanwhile, growing up in west Texas, I saw images of her frequently, though I wasn’t even Christian at that time. Now it seems so natural that she would have been my guide.

I am so grateful to be creating work that I love, but also that I believe God can use for His work. It is valuable to pursue your dreams, but to pursue them, and be united to His work in them, is a gift.

What journey are you on now? How has God been leading you on your path? I'd love to read your comments below, so don't be shy about sharing. <3

Thank you for taking part in this beautiful journey with me, talk to you next week!



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This brings tears to my eyes! Imposter syndrome is real — but I can’t believe you wouldn’t experienced it. Visiting your website is like being transported into another world filled with so much intentionality, clarity and beauty… a gift I definitely couldn’t have given myself or my family! Thank you for sharing and for letting God work through you. God bless you and your ministry!


Thank you for sharing your heart and history! Your products have inspired a devotional spirit in me ever since I first came across them several years ago. Thank you for bringing back these elements that so many of us have lost touch with or never knew in the first place ❤️

Sarah Moore

Our Lord works in mysterious ways. It is so beautiful when one can look back and see all His works in our lives and how the whole time He had us in his hands. God bless!

Kaleb Garcia

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