Stickers: Premium Vinyl Sticker Sheet

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Remember the good old days when a fresh sheet of stickers was so exciting?? You'd maybe plan on where you'd stick 'em, or maybe you'd go to town with reckless abandon, or maybe (ahem) you'd keep them on the sheet because you couldn't commit. Well we hope you love sticking these on your go-to items, laptop, water bottle, planner, you name it, because they're weatherproof, dishwasher safe and ultra durable. 

Weatherproof/dishwasher safe premium vinyl stickers
Sold as single sheets
Sheet measures 6 x 4 inches
Approx. sizes (inches): "Beautiful" – 2.75 x 1.75 | Sacred, Immaculate, Chaste Heart Circles – 1.5 | "God Loves You" diamond – 1.0625 x 1.5 | "God Loves You" heart – 1.75 x 1.75 
Suggested retail price: $8/sheet